Local man attacked by dog, and neighbors say this isn’t the first time

TURTLE CREEK, Pa. — A Turtle Creek man says something needs to be done about a dog after he was attacked in his own neighborhood.

“The dog jumps out here, starts chasing me. I’m running around the car trying to get away from it. Weaving through traffic,” he said.

The man said he doesn’t feel safe in his own neighborhood.

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After he was attacked by the dog, which had wandered away from home, the man was taken to Forbes Hospital, bleeding profusely and had gashes on his hand.

“It’s still healing, it’s still black and blue,” he said.

While Channel 11′s Amy Hudak was on Brown Avenue, two neighbors told her they had run-ins with the same dog and were also bitten. On a community social media page, neighbors warned of their experiences.

“You know you have an aggressive animals, you need to take measures to make sure neighbors can walk up and down the street without fear of someone’s animal chasing them or biting them,” the man said.

When we went to the owner’s home, the dog was outside on a chain. She denied a dog attack ever happened.

The man who was bitten said he and his wife love dogs, they just want the owner to be responsible and make sure the dog can’t hurt anyone else or worse.

“I just want to feel safe walking home from work at night and where I live,” he said.

We reached out to police, who said they have a police report and animal control is taking over the case.

We’ve also reached out to the mayor over the phone and via email about past complaints. We have not heard back.