Local, national organizations putting together plans for justice, police reform

Local, national organizations putting together plans for justice, police reform

Many local and national organizations are demanding change by taking a strategic approach to fight for changes in policing and laws.

Kenneth Huston, Pa. president of the NAACP, told Channel 11 his team is doing a lot to bring about change.

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“We’re trying to look at working with our governor and our elected officials in the legislative body to put together an aggressive approach and plan on how we can deal with policing," he said. “We want to make sure that there are stiffer and more comprehensive laws relevant to policing in our communities.”

The Pittsburgh Black Lawyer Alliance is also tired of the injustices they’ve seen for so long. The group has a very specific plan to fight for justice.

“I have represented people for 28 years who have said these kinds of things happen and nothing has been done,” said defense attorney Lena Bryan-Henderson.

Another attorney, Nicola Henry-Taylor, said they want body cameras on all officers and legislation that would require police to upload that footage to the cloud. That way, Taylor said, officers couldn’t say they don’t have any footage.

“We also would like to have the legislator look at the crimes code and see how the laws are affecting what officers are doing and getting away with," she said.

The PBLA also wants to see diversity in police departments. The group told Channel 11 it is here to help its community as much as possible.

Demonstrators gather for peaceful protest in parking lot of South Hills shopping center