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Local organization donates flowers to vandalized cemetery

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — Support from the community continues to pour in after someone vandalized a South Hills cemetery.

A local organization donated flowers to the Bethel Park Cemetery as a small gesture to help fix the damage.

Channel 11 reported last week when someone targeted veterans' graves.

Flags were pulled from the ground and burned; crosses and metal markers were bent and kicked over.


The damage has been cleaned up.

Volunteers placed flowers at the graves to show that there is more love in the community than hate.

"I just honestly was speechless. I couldn't believe it," said Shannon Haldman, from Scent With Love. "I was just heartbroken. I couldn't imagine coming to a loved one's grave and seeing that someone did this."

Police are still investigating and told Channel 11 they will be stepping up patrols.