Local self-proclaimed white supremacist, ex-felon arrested

Local self-proclaimed white supremacist, ex-felon arrested

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh-area man who refers to himself as a "white supremacist" is heading back to jail after U.S. Marshals allege he violated a number of terms of his supervised release.

Hardy Lloyd of Crafton, a self-proclaimed white supremacist and classified as a neo-Nazi by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is back in jail.

Prosecutors say he violated parole by spreading messages of hate.

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Lloyd is accused of leaving fliers promoting white power around a Shadyside.


He was released from jail just two months ago on gun charges and prosecutors say he's been violating his parole ever since.

Channel 11 got a copy of the paperwork that states Hardy Lloyd violated three specific terms.

The paperwork reads he went online and used a computer when he wasn't supposed to, lied to his probation officer about his appearance at a protest and had a number of dangerous weapons at his home.

Agents allege Lloyd used a computer to "order a Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick" and looked up Youtube videos of "females being incapacitated by the use of chloroform."

One of those violations was his appearance at a rally outside Rep. Tim Murphy's office last month in Mt. Lebanon.

Video obtained by Channel 11 appears to show Lloyd giving a Nazi salute.

Prosecutors say Lloyd was also caught on surveillance cameras putting white supremacy fliers on cars along Von Lent Place in Shadyside.

According to prosecutors, Lloyd was also using the Internet when he wasn't supposed to, and when agents showed up at his home Friday, they say they found a hatchet, a modified baseball bat, a punch knife, a switchblade and fighting stick -- weapons prosecutors say he's not allowed to have.

Lloyd will be in a courtroom Tuesday. A judge has denied him bond.