• Local Uber drivers losing money from accounts in light of recent hack


    Uber drivers tell Channel 11 money is coming out of their accounts. It's the latest now involving that massive data hack at Uber.

    It was a friend that tipped this driver off to the problem. 

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    That's when she went back and checked her statements and found out she was getting money taken out of her account.

    Tonight she's urging other Uber drivers to pay close attention.


    "I'm very frustrated!" Uber driver, Erika Holmes, says she realized something wasn't right when she noticed her earnings were significantly less than what this weekly summary says she was supposed to be paid. 

    "It had a deduction of $65.60 on it so I was like OK, here we go,” Holmes said.

    When she reached out to Uber she got a response saying there was an accounting error and payment had been duplicated. 

    They went on to say in part, "We know that asking you to reimburse the total amount all at once may be difficult, so we're collecting it in smaller weekly payments."

    "I got a message saying that they duplicate paid me between Sept. 8-Nov. 14th,” said Uber driver Jamal Allmond. 

    Allmond is another Uber driver who came to Channel 11 saying, unlike Erika, he got a message, but was told it was sent in error. 

    But says just days later, he had money taken out of his check.

    "We're used to making a certain amount of money...so for them to come snatch that, it can put people in a bind,” Allmond said. 

    Uber's in the midst of dealing with a major data breach.

    Execs at the company which headquarters its driverless program here in Pittsburgh -- allegedly paid hackers $100,000 to keep quiet about the 2016 cyberattack that exposed 57 million people's data. 

    The heist took names, email addresses and cellphone numbers of millions of riders and driver's license numbers for 600,000 Uber drivers.

    In the meantime, local drivers say they'll have to figure out how to make up for lost money they never anticipated.

    Channel 11 reached out to Uber Wednesday morning, taking these drivers' concerns to the company - but we have not yet gotten a response back.

    Uber did say it will pay for free credit-report monitoring and identity theft protection services for drivers who are affected.



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