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Lt. Gov. John Fetterman encourages Pennsylvanians to apply for marijuana-related pardons

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A day after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf called for legalizing recreational marijuana, Lt. Governor John Fetterman is encouraging people to apply for pardons for marijuana-related crimes.

Braddock native Fetterman, who leads the state's board of pardons, is expediting the application process for pardoning.

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Earlier this year, Fetterman also waived the fee so applying for a pardon would be free.

“Full legalization could take some time, but one thing we can do right now is alleviate the burden of small-amount, nonviolent convictions that scar the lives of otherwise productive citizens,” Fetterman said. “These people have done no harm to anyone else. They shouldn’t continue to suffer with employment and housing issues because they were convicted of doing something that most Pennsylvanians don’t even think should be illegal.”