• Man accused in 3-year-old's death will go to trial


    PITTSBURGH - A judge decided Friday that Jamal Williams will stand trial on homicide charges in the death of his girlfriend's 3-year-old son.

    Police say Williams abused the child while the mother wasn't home and the injuries caused his death.

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    A witness told the judge she heard a loud "thump" in the apartment above her on Feb. 6, and when she went to check on the family, she saw the boy sitting on a couch, his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

    Among the two hours of testimony, investigators said the child's mother told police Williams had previously punched the boy in the chest. She also allegedly videotaped Williams holding the baby by the ankles over a stairwell, and then posted that video to Facebook.


    The child's mother did not show up for court Friday and did not answer her phone.

    "She should be here -- the entire report is based on what she allegedly said," said defense attorney Blaine Jones, who tried to get the charges dismissed based on her absence, a move the judge dismissed.

    At the time of her 3-year-old's death, the woman was pregnant with Williams' baby.  Family members say CYF took that baby as soon as it was born.



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