• Man accused of causing $7,700 in damage to local cemetery


    HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Hempfield man is accused of causing thousands of dollars in damage by driving his ATV through a cemetery.

    Investigators told Channel 11 that James Vallozzi drove his ATV through Westmoreland County Memorial Park last month while people were there mourning loved ones.

    According to court documents, cemetery officials said Vallozzi had driven his ATV through the cemetery before, so they set up trail cameras in an attempt to catch him. 


    After seeing ruts in the ground at the cemetery, officials pulled the camera cards and captured Vallozzi on video, according to court documents. 

    Vallozzi did about $7,700 worth of damage to the cemetery.

    He’s facing several charges, including vandalism, criminal mischief and trespassing.

    Vallozzi is due in court later this month.


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