• Man accused of luring child into his home, but some neighbors don't agree with charges


    PITTSBURGH - A local man wound up in not one, but two sets of handcuffs over the weekend.

    At over 6-feet tall and 265 pounds, he was so imposing, It took two sets of handcuffs to take Kristen McClendon of Moon Township into custody charging him with attempting to lure a 12-year-old boy into his home 

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    One neighbor told Channel 11's Renee Wallace the guy is kind and has a hard time getting around and that he just needed help. Another neighbor called 911 on him, accusing him of just about every parents' nightmare. 

    Police were called to McClendon's house on Sunday after one of his neighbors saw something she thought was alarming.

    The neighbor told the dispatcher that McClendon was arguing with a boy, telling him to come inside his house so he could to pay the boy for carrying two TVs to the curb.

    According to the criminal complaint, the boy was loudly refusing. "Alarmed -- the neighbor told the boy not to go back into the house."

    The boy was loudly refusing  "alarmed the neighbor told the boy not to go back into the house" 


    Police say when they got to Cedar Street, McClendon appeared "intoxicated, agitated and loud."

    His story was that he asked a young boy who he did not know to help him move his two TVs and that he had "agreed to pay the boy a dollar and he asked the boy to come back inside to get his dollar," according to the criminal complaint. 

    According to police, McClendon admitted he didn't know the boy and didn't have consent from the boy's parents.

    As for the boy's parents, they had no idea their son was asked to do chores for a stranger and were alarmed their son had been inside McClendon's house 

    McClendon is out of jail, but wouldn't talk to Channel 11 to explain his side.

    McClendon is charged with attempting to lure a child, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. 


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