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Man accused of shooting woman, 2-year-old on run after standoff

BEAVER FALLS, Pa. — Police searched a Beaver Falls home on Sunday for a suspect accused of a crime in Steubenville, Ohio.

Dustin Sedina woke up to a SWAT team in his Beaver Falls home looking for 18-year-old Brylee West, who is accused of shooting and critically injuring a woman and her 2-year-old child on Monday.

"I woke up. I heard, 'Beaver Falls Police Department, 514 21st Street, come out with your hands up.' I didn't think nothing of it, so I tried to go back to sleep, then they said it again. I got my stuff on, and I'm coming out the door. He was saying, 'Target, target' or something and he was pointing his AR at me," Sedina said.

"He was here for three days. Not going to lie about that, but I had no clue," Amanda Cunning said.

Cunning admits West was staying at her home but said she knew nothing of his alleged crime.


She told Channel 11 that an acquaintance brought him to the house and said he needed a place to stay, so she offered him the couch.

Law enforcement stormed into the home looking for West after surveying the home for three to four hours.

West was already gone, police said.

The SWAT team also checked a nearby apartment that West was suspected to be at, but nothing turned up there either.

The district attorney believes West is no longer in Beaver County and is not a threat to the public there.

There is a federal warrant out for his arrest.

The DA said law enforcement knows why West was in Beaver Falls but would not elaborate on his connection to the area because that information is part of an ongoing investigation.

Steubenville police told Channel 11 there is $1000 reward for his arrest and that he just got out of a juvenile detention center after serving time for shooting when he was 14 years old.