Man accused of storming onto school bus, yelling racial slurs headed to trial

Man accused of storming onto school bus, yelling racial slurs headed to trial

PETERS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A Peters Township school bus driver testified in court Tuesday against a man accused of illegally boarding his school bus and yelling racial slurs.

In October, both the bus driver and the suspect went to a police station to report the incident, but the man who boarded the bus full of kids that day was the only one charged.

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Now, the suspect will be heading to trial.

In court, the audio from the school bus was played.

Mark Ferrari can be heard saying "(expletive) you" three times in front of the children, using multiple racial slurs and calling the driver stupid.


The bus driver can be heard asking him six times to leave the bus.

We're told video shows 17 children on board, some of them frightened and hiding behind seats.

"His behavior is so beyond normal. There is no way they're not traumatized," Henry Hill, the bus driver, said.

Hill told Channel 11 he spent 25 years as a police officer in Colorado Springs and that his only concern was protecting the children.

"I wasn't worried about his questions, I was worried about him being a threat because he wasn't going to hurt my kids, no matter what it took. Believe me," Hill said.

Ferrari's attorney argued that his client should not be charged with ethnic intimidation or harassment, but the judge disagreed and Ferrari will head to trial.