• Man accused of vandalizing local fairground, trying to burn evidence turns himself in


    CHARTIERS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The man accused of vandalizing the Washington County Fairgrounds turned himself into authorities on Wednesday.

    Robert Glass is now facing charges for damaging the county fairgrounds in Chartiers Township on Sept. 29. 

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    According to a police criminal complaint, Glass used his car to ram six garage doors at the fairgrounds. He then broke a window to get into the office and damaged other windows and doors.

    And that’s not all. 

    Police said he used a fire extinguisher to break through a wall and tried to set papers on fire to burn the office, getting rid of any evidence.

    He also allegedly tried to break into an ATM using a hammer.

    According to police, Glass is accused of stealing nearly $1,000 in clothing and other items, even plastic crowns. 



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