• Man acquitted of shooting, killing police officer will be released from jail


    The man acquitted in the 2015 shooting death of St. Clair Township police Officer Lloyd Reed will be released from jail.

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    The jury found Ray Shetler guilty of theft and receiving stolen property.

    He was sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months, with credit for time served, for the theft conviction.

    Shetler served almost 30 months since November 2015.

    He will serve five years of probation for the theft conviction.


    Shetler was acquitted in February of murdering Reed in 2015. The only charge he was convicted of was stealing a truck from the Conemaugh generating station in New Florence the night of the shooting.

    Since the acquittal in the officer's death, Shetler's attorney, Marc Daffner, said Shetler's family has been threatened and harassed. 

    "I was told before I came here I wouldn't have a fair trial. You're a very honorable woman. I thought everything was run fair, and thank you for your time," Shetler told the judge. 

    Shetler's stepdad took the stand on Wednesday to tell the judge he has lined up a construction job for Shetler. 



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