• Man admits to string of robberies, attempted robbery during which clerk ‘kicked his butt bad'


    PITTSBURGH - A serial robber, known for using a wooden baton on victims if they didn't cooperate, has been charged in at least nine robberies in the Pittsburgh area, police said.

    Sean Beach was arrested Tuesday morning in Bethel Park after stealing an entire tray from a CoGo’s register, hiding in a parking lot and taking off into a wooded area.

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    Police said Beach tried to lunge at an officer after being cornered.

    Investigators said the new charges are for robberies committed in the past month, including at the Hollywood Theatre and Exxon Gas Station in Dormont, the Bruegger's Bagels and Jimmy John’s in Oakland.

    The spree even took Beach to the South Side, where he allegedly robbed a Dairy Queen of $400 and Sincerely Yogurt of about $200, police said.

    Beach also attempted to rob the Carson News convenience store on East Carson Street in the South Side.

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    The clerk told police Beach hit him in the head with a 6-inch, black and gray “baton-like object” when he wouldn’t hand over the cash.

    Police said Beach admitted to the string of crimes and wanted to tell his victims that he is very sorry -- and that the clerk on East Carson "kicked his butt bad."

    The son of the owner of Carson News locked the cash drawer and fought back, wrestling Beach to the ground before things got even more heated.

    “My son got him good. I mean, you know, my son dragged him out the door and the dude ran back in, grabbed his hat and ran,” Helen Piso, owner of Carson News, said.

    Beach has a lengthy criminal history dating back 20 years, including convictions and jail time for multiple robberies.



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