Firefighter arrested after Pitcairn votes to disband #2 volunteer fire department

Firefighter arrested after Pitcairn votes to disband #2 volunteer fire department

PITCAIRN, Pa. — The Pitcairn Council voted Monday night to disband the #2 Volunteer Fire Department during a heated meeting.

The borough currently has two separate volunteer fire departments, but the #2 Department will be disbanded at the end of the year.

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After the decision was announced, there was an altercation between several people that ended with one firefighter being shocked with a Taser and arrested by police.

Council members told Channel 11 that consolidation discussions have been going on for four years, but members of the affected fire station claim they were blindsided.


The police chief said the man involved in the altercation fought with several police officers before being subdued.

"One of our guys lost his cool. You've got to look at as a guy that's been in that department for years and years of firefighting since the early 200's and in one night his station gets shut down," said Matt Ruby, former lieutenant for Pitcairn Fire #2.

"I do understand the passion that people have when they belong to something for so long and it means so much to them, but it is frustrating that has gone on for four years," said Dona Galia, vice president of Pitcairn Council.

Pitcairn is less than one square mile.

The second station is scheduled to close Dec. 31.

Pitcairn police told Channel 11 this is an ongoing investigation. They are reviewing body camera footage and speaking to witnesses to see if the firefighter also made a threat.

Pitcairn Police Chief Scott Farally said the suspect was released but he expects criminal charges, including assault, will be filed against the firefighter.