Man charged in hit-and-run that killed elderly man

Man charged in hit-and-run that killed elderly man

GREENSBURG, Pa. — A man has been charged in the hit-and-run death of an 86-year-old man as he was leaving a South Greensburg restaurant last month.

Jonathan McElroy is charged with accident involving death and tampering with evidence.

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The victim, Clarence Wolff, died from his injuries on Tuesday.

“It definitely is a relief to know that we finally get a little bit of closure from all of this and that guy is not out there just living his life without any repercussions.," Lauren Gerritsen, Wolff's grandaughter, said.

According to witnesses, the driver stopped briefly to check on Wolff, then got back in his vehicle and drove away.

“How can you sleep? How can you talk to people on the streets? How can you communicate with your family knowing everything you did," Gerritsen said.