• Man charged with breaking into at least 50 cars across four neighborhoods


    A man is being charged with breaking into cars in four local neighborhoods.

    During one week in December, dozens of car owners in four different communities called police to report break-ins.

    Police estimate that in that one week, there were at least 50 thefts from cars, all done by one man, Eric Walker-Goines 

    When Goines was arrested, he told police he did it to feed his children.


    Police told Channel 11 the cars were parked in plain sight -- in the driveway or in front of the houses at the curb -- in Robinson, Kennedy, Crafton and Ingram.

    Elaine Buhonick, who lives in Ingram, said that, weeks before Goines was allegedly caught red-handed stealing from a car parked right across the street, she thinks he stole from her husband’s car.

    “He (her husband) didn't lock it. He didn't think he had to. A lot of people don't lock their cars around here,” Buhonick said. 

    Police said most of the cars, but not all, were unlocked.

    Police said that when Goines was confronted with one homeowner’s security footage, he admitted to the thefts, but couldn't remember how many committed.

    He told police, "To be honest, I've lost track because I don't count them."

    Goines, who said he has been living with his children and fiancee at a Robinson motel, said he did it "to pay for his room and feed his children."

    “I felt bad for him but that's not the way about going (and) getting money, trying to take care of your family. There are jobs out there. You can get a job," Buhonick said.

    Channel 11 checked into Goines' criminal history and discovered previous convictions for theft.



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