• Man found dead in garbage-filled home


    STANTON HEIGHTS, Pa. - A man was found dead Monday evening inside a home that was filled with trash in Pittsburgh’s Stanton Heights neighborhood, police said.

    The man's mother, who also lives at the Oglethorpe Avenue home, called 911 when Larry Killian Jr. was unresponsive.

    PHOTOS: Man found dead in garbage-filled Stanton Heights home

    Paramedics found Killian, 46, lying face down near a first-floor window, but a large amount of garbage prevented them from getting to him immediately. A hazmat team was called to help clear a path into the home.


    Killian was pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death has not been released.

    The Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections and the Department of Public Works were notified and the home was boarded up.

    City building inspectors spent Tuesday morning checking the structural integrity of the home.

    Channel 11 spoke to several neighbors on Tuesday who told me they have been trying to help this family help.
    Several of them told us that they have contacted different organizations, the health department and the city to help the people with the hoarding situation.
    We discovered violations going back to June. Once in that month and twice in July the people who live here were told to fix several things by reinspection in October, including accumulation of garbage, broken windows and doors and weeds.
    Neighbors say they have been trying to help them do some of the things to pass inspection.



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