• Man hospitalized after pickup truck goes over hillside


    A man is hospitalized after his pickup truck went over a hillside in Shaler Township.

    The accident happened off of Spencer Wood Drive and Spencer Lane Extension, not far from Route 8.

    His truck went down the road, hit the front of someone's lawn, went through a wooden sign, across the street and over the hillside Wednesday evening.

    Officials said he was alert.


    "The noise was like an explosion," said April Vinski, who called 911 before rushing to help. "I just hoped he wasn’t dead."

    The truck ended up about 30 feet down the hillside.

    Vinski and another man climbed down to help. They had to lift the mangled windshield to get to the driver.

    "He was talking to himself, I asked him his name and everything, he was talking, but he was bleeding bad from the head," Vinski said. "We told him to stay still and he reached his hand out, I was holding his hand for a little bit."

    Emergency crews used ropes to get to the driver, pull him out and put him on a stretcher.

    “He’s lucky to be alive,” Vinski said. 

    Neighbors told Channel 11 drivers speed so often on that road, police have to patrol it regularly.

    Police don't think drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.



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