• Man in critical condition after being struck by PAT bus


    PITTSBURGH - Passengers saved a man hit by a PAT bus in downtown Pittsburgh Tuesday night.

    He's recovering at UPMC Mercy where we've learned he is in critical condition.

    Channel 11 heard firsthand how several passengers jumped off the bus to help save him.

    "Honestly ... I thought we hit a car! Maybe?  And it was loud. But it didn't seem like it would be a person," passenger Kristina Gannaway said.


    The crash happened at Sixth Street and Liberty Avenue and shut down the intersection during rush hour and delayed some outbound buses.

    "It's sad ... but thankfully there were a bunch of us on the bus who knew first aid," Gannaway said. "We rolled him on his side, kept his head still and waited for the ambulance."

    Port Authority officials confirm the man who was hit by the bus is 50 years old. 

    Gannaway was sitting near the front when she said the man popped out from between cars.

    "He was non-responsive," she said. "There was a doctor who came on scene and checked his pulse and what not.  He was hurting really bad."

    Gannaway said she's thinking of everyone involved in the accident.  


    "I feel for the driver. Poor thing is so shaken up," she said. 

    This is the second PAT bus to hit someone in just the last couple weeks.  A teenage girl was hit by a bus on the East Busway in Homewood last month.

    Both incidents are still under investigation.



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