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Man leaves 2 lbs of marijuana in Uber, busted by troopers when he went to retrieve it, police say

NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. — Two pounds of marijuana were left behind in an Uber, and when the rider tried to meet up with the driver to retrieve it, he actually met up with state troopers instead, police say.

According to the criminal complaint, on Jan 2., police were dispatched after the Uber driver called 911 after discovering the marijuana in his vehicle.

The driver told police he was working as an Uber driver on Dec. 29 and received an email from Uber letting him know that a previous rider had left a package in his vehicle. The email contained a phone number at which he could reach the driver, according to police.

On Jan. 9, a state trooper posed as the Uber driver and called 21-year-old Malik Mollett, according to the criminal complaint.


Police said Mollett answered the phone and said that he had left the package in the car and he would meet with the trooper to get it back.

According to the criminal complaint, he confirmed his name and told the trooper that the bag he had left in the Uber was black. The trooper then texted him a picture of the bag and Mollett confirmed it was his.

The trooper then made arraignments to meet with Mollett at a McDonald's in Irwin.

When Mollet arrived at the McDonald's, a trooper went inside and gave the bag to Mollett, according to the criminal complaint.

Another trooper then entered the McDonald's and took Mollett into custody, according to police.