Man left quadriplegic after attack talks about not seeing his attackers go to prison

Man left quadriplegic after attack talks about not seeing his attackers go to prison

JEANNETTE, Pa. — A plea deal was reached Tuesday in a Westmoreland County beating case that left a man paralyzed.

The deal allowed Robert Pasparage Jr., 25, and Raymond Horne, 27, to each plead guilty to one count of aggravated assault in connection with the beating.

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The beating happened in Jeannette on Father's Day in 2012 when Philip McKenzie was trying to visit his baby daughter.

Pasparage, the girl's uncle, Horne and another man, William Sinclair, attacked McKenzie when he tried to see his daughter.


During the attack, McKenzie fell over a banister and snapped his neck on a gas meter at a home on Patton Avenue.

"They just need to know my life changed and all i'm trying to do is be a father," McKenzie said.

"He's in prison in his body every single day. He can't move, can't feed himself, can't hug his daughter, can't take a drink of water," McKenzie's mother Kelly Mynahan-McKenzie said.

McKenzie saw his daughter last weekend for the first time in for years because of the ongoing legal issues associated with the case. He said seeing her is the reason he agreed to a plea deal that doesn't include jail time.

"Once you hold her and hug her again and you spend time with her again, you are kind of willing to give up what you have to see her again," McKenzie said.

Sinclair pleaded guilty back in January.

Pasparage and Horne were sentenced to five years of intensive probation and one year of house arrest.

McKenzie inspired a nonprofit that helps disabled musicians like him. Click here for more information.