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Man linked to slain teacher Rachael DelTondo found unconscious

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — A man linked to Rachael DelTondo, a teacher who was murdered in the driveway of her parents' Aliquippa home on Mother's Day 2018, was found unconscious Sunday, police said.

Sheldon Jeter was 17 years old in 2016, when police said he was found with 32-year-old DelTondo in a steamed-up car. The officer who responded never filed a report.

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Early Sunday morning, hours after a TV special focused on the investigation aired, Jeter was found unconscious on the side of a road in Aliquippa, authorities said.

Police said Jeter was found just before 4 a.m. in the area of Sheffield Avenue and Orchard Street. Fire officials who responded revived him with Narcan.

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According to Jeter's mother, Delsha Moreland Flannigan, and his attorney, he does not use drugs.

"He’s fine. He is not under the influence of anything, clean toxicology report," Jeter's attorney Mike Santicola said.

More than a year after DelTondo was shot to death at close range, police have not named any suspects.

"My son has been harassed, slandered for a year now and I think enough is enough," Moreland Flannigan said.

Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz recently spoke with the attorney for Jeter, one of two people publicly questioned in the case -- the other being DelTondo’s ex-fiance.


Santicola said his client, Jeter, had nothing to do with the case.

“He has had death threats, stress from the attention he received,” Santicola said. “He's trying to make something of his life, but his name is forever drug into the mess.”

An hour before DelTondo was gunned down, she was in New Brighton having ice cream with friends. One was an Aliquippa police sergeant's daughter and the other friend was Jeter's older brother.

>>RELATEDTimeline of Rachael DelTondo murder investigation

The sergeant’s daughter dropped DelTondo off at her parents' home, where she lived. Channel 11 News learned her father responded to the 2016 call about Jeter and DelTondo together in the car.