• Man on the run after jumping from moving car during police chase


    PITTSBURGH - A wild scene unfolded in Duquesne when a suspect being chased by police jumped out of his car at an intersection and left an officer with a split-second decision to make.

    The officer was forced to stop the car from rolling into other cars and possibly homes.

    "I think the officer made the correct decision," said Thomas Dunleavy, chief of the Duquesne Police Department. "If that vehicle would not have been stopped, it would have likely rolled down the hill or crashed into someone's car, causing damage to an innocent person."

    Dunleavy told Channel 11 a car refused to stop for a traffic stop until the driver got onto Sherman Avenue in Duquesne just before 11 a.m., where he jumped out of the car, leaving the vehicle in reverse on a hill.


    The officer used his vehicle to stop the suspect's car, but by then, the driver had gotten away.

    Inside the car, police said they found narcotics, a semi-automatic handgun and a 50-round drum magazine with extra ammunition.

    "And then we found enough information in the car that we believe is going to prove the identity of the driver," Dunleavy said. Now investigators are working on getting an arrest warrant for that driver.

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