Man opened fire in bar when told to leave at closing time, police say

A bar regular who didn't want to leave at closing time opened fire at a Lawrence County bar earlier this week, police said,

Michael Henry was in Weisz’s Hazel Manor in Ellwood City early Tuesday morning when he refused to leave the establishment, police said.

“He was belligerent, he was acting out, he was throwing things,” said Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court.


With five people inside, including the owner, police say Henry pulled a 9mm gun out and put it on the bar. The bartender told everybody to run into a back room as police say he told Henry to get out.

According to the criminal complaint, Henry pointed the gun in the air and shot once. Police showed us the bullet they recovered from the ceiling.

Channel 11 spoke with bar management who told us Henry is a regular. Not surprisingly, he is no longer welcome.

Police how have a warrant out for his arrest.

“We are actively looking for him,” Court said. “We need to find him because, if he had a gun in the bar and shot it, he’s still got that gun and could shoot anywhere.”