• Man robs Ambridge gas station, loses control of getaway car on bridge


    Ambridge police are investigating a robbery of a gas station that resulted in the driver of the getaway car losing control on a bridge.

    Police said Shane Stoutmire walked into the Circle K early Friday morning, claiming he had a gun. Stoutmire jumped the counter and told the clerk to open the drawer and give him all of the money.

    After leaving the store, police said Stoutmire sped away down 14th Street and headed for the Ambridge Aliquippa Bridge. 


    Ambridge Police Chief Jim Mann said “it was like a pinball machine” as Stoutmire was going back-and-forth all over the bridge.

    A Harmony Township police officer captured the attempted escape on his dash camera.

    Stoutmire sped down the road, running red lights until he hit a bump on the bridge, which brought the car to a grinding halt.

    Police said Stoutmire told the clerk he had a gun, but he did not actually have one.

    Stoutmire is being charged with robbery and assault, among other charges. 



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