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Man stole strange list of items from three Pittsburgh stores in 20-minute span, police say

PITTSBURGH — A man is behind bars after police said he stole from three businesses in 20 minutes.

According to a police criminal complaint, the crimes happened early Wednesday on Forbes Avenue and Atwood Street in Oakland.

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But the crimes didn't really qualify as robberies because of what Byron Leverette, 28, is accused of stealing.

Police said Leverette started his spree by stealing laundry detergent at the Rite Aid there. According to court documents, he grabbed the detergent, knocked down the manager standing at the entrance and stepped on her.

"I can't even describe how dumb that sounds," said Isreal Williams, a Pitt student.

Leverette then came out of the Rite Aid with two detergents in hand, threw one at the manager and threw the other in the middle of the street when customers tried to top him, police said.

Investigators said Leverette then ran into the Marathon gas station and stole gloves before entering the CVS down the street on Forbes Avenue.

Inside the CVS, officers found Leverette with two containers of Tide laundry detergent and arrested him.

He's being charged with robbery -- two counts of retail theft.

"Laundry detergent is not that expensive," said Williams. "You can get laundry detergent at The Dollar Store."