• Man who got new trial on rape conviction has bond revoked


    After being charged with sexually assaulting a child, days within his release from prison, John Kunco will remain behind bars indefinitely.

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    A judge decided to revoke his bond today, saying he had violated a condition of his release.

    “We're disappointed, obviously. We think he hasn’t been convicted of any charges. They’re allegations. That’s all they are, allegations, and we feel like Mr. Kunco has done everything he’s supposed to do," said Karen Thompson, an attorney with the Innocence Project.

    Kunco was charged by McKees Rocks police, accused of touching a young girl. The charges were held over to court last week.

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    His attorneys tried to argue that the victim’s testimony wasn’t credible, and asked the judge to reconsider, but he said the circumstances were too concerning for him to do that.


    “I think he’s scared that, once again, he’s going to be wrongfully convicted and have to fight charges again, and he’s finally reconnected to his family, and being separated from his daughter and his niece is tragic for him," Thompson said.

    The Innocence Project helped Kunco get a new trial after he was convicted of raping a woman in a New Kensington apartment in 1990.

    He was released in May to await that new trial after serving nearly three decades in prison.

    We also heard testimony today from a DNA forensic expert who basically said Kunco's DNA did not match the male DNA on the evidence from 1990.

    The judge said he wants to get the case resolved as soon as possible and would like to see it go to trial by December.


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