Man who robbed local pizza shop quickly caught

Man who robbed local pizza shop quickly caught

CANONSBURG, Pa. — A masked man who police said held a Washington County pizza shop worker at gunpoint during a robbery was quickly arrested.

Despite being in fear for her life, the employee at The Little Caesar’s in Canonsburg helped police crack the case because she recognized the suspect's voice.

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Several people told Channel 11 they've known the suspect for years.

They came to the pizza shop Tuesday to show their support after the attempted robbery Sunday night.

Police arrested Matthew Ditullio on the train tracks nearby.

The employee told officers he came in wearing coveralls with neon reflectors and a black mask and pointed a handgun at her face.


When he told her to open the safe and give him the keys, she immediately recognized his voice.

According to police, Ditullio took the money and ran. Officers found him trying to catch his breath with the alleged disguise a few feet away.

Ditullio confessed to police he robbed the store so he could buy crack.

He also apologized and claimed it was only a BB gun.