• Man will go to prison after killing girlfriend in 2014 DUI crash


    A man was sentenced today for killing Mackenzie Wyant, his 18-year-old girlfriend, in a 2014 DUI crash.

    Ryan Denitti was convicted in July of homicide by vehicle and drunk driving back.

    Police said at the time of the crash he had a blood alcohol level of nearly two times the legal limit, and he was underage.

    Wyant died as a result of the crash on Turkeytown Road in South Huntingdon Township nearly three years this month. 


    At his sentencing, Denitti turned around and whispered the words “I'm sorry” to Wyant's family, according to our partners at The Tribune-Review.

    Wyant's mother reportedly objected to Denitti serving any more time, and told the judge “(her daughter) would not have wanted him to suffer more than he already has." 

    The judge thought otherwise and ordered him to serve at least one year and up to five years in prison with credit for time served. 

    He will also have his driver’s license suspended for four years when he gets out. 



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