• Survivor speaks out after attacker is accused in 2 new sexual assaults


    PITTSBURGH - A sexual assault case that is making national headlines has ties to the Pittsburgh area.

    A Pittsburgh woman says she was raped when she was enrolled at Marshall University in West Virginia back in 2016. 

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    Even though her attacker was convicted of battery, he was still allowed to attend the college. Now, the same man is accused of sexually assaulting two other women. 

    "I tried to get away and he picked me up and slammed me on the bed and held my neck down," said Alicia Gonzales.

    She said it was a painful memory that she relives often, remembering the day she said she was raped by Joseph Hardin.

    Hardin was indicted and jailed after police said he sexually assaulted two other women this past school year.

    "I went through hell and back. At first I felt like I did all of this for nothing. But three years later I learned it wasn’t for nothing because I gave these girls the courage and bravery to come forward," Gonzales said.

    She has a federal lawsuit pending against Marshall University.

    The university president told Channel 11 in a statement the school has a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct.



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