Marsy's Law advocate visits Pittsburgh to stump for new law

Marsy's Law advocate visits Pittsburgh to stump for new law

The push for a victims' bill of rights known as Marsy’s Law, is making progress in Pennsylvania.

Today, Marsy’s Law statewide director Jennifer Riley came to Pittsburgh to tour the Center for Victims in the South Side.

She’s raising awareness about the need to make a victims' bill of rights part of the Pennsylvania Constitution, a process that will drag into 2019.

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"Pennsylvania is one of only 15 states where our constitution or state constitution is silent on victims' rights," Riley said.


Marsy's Law passed the state Senate unanimously and is expected to be voted on by the state House next month.

Sen. Guy Reschenthaler, who is also a congressional candidate, is one of the bill's primary sponsors.

He hopes it will be the first step in giving victims the same rights held by those accused or convicted of a crime.

"We still could use some work, as always. But compared to other counties, Allegheny County has a lot going for it and the Center for Victims is an example of that," Reschenthaler said.

If approved by the House and again by both chambers next year, voters will decide on making Marsy's Law part of the state constitution in November 2019.