• Massive sinkhole growing closer to local woman's home


    PENN HILLS, Pa. - For months, a sinkhole has grown larger and larger and is now inches away from a house – which is creating safety concerns. 

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    The only thing between the Penn Hills home and the massive sinkhole is a thin, orange fence.

    The sinkhole won't stop growing and weather only makes it worse, according to Marietta Dellefemine.

    "It started out with one board, then it was to two and thirds. Now it’s six and they all fell in," she said.

     Earlier this year, Dellefemine said she contacted Penn Hills officials to get it fixed. They found out the cause of the sinkhole was a collapsed storm line that runs down the driveway.

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    However, no one seems to know who the storm line belongs to. 

    Dellefemine said even though it runs underneath her property, she shouldn't be responsible for fixing it.

    "This is your (the borough's) pipe. This is a pipe that's connecting the creek that runs along your road," she said.

    When Dellefemine contacted the Penn Hills municipal manager, they offered to have a contractor fix the problem. But she said they gave her the runaround for months.

    "They said the job was getting started in July, but the contractors never saw it until August 7th," said Dellefemine.

    Meanwhile, the municipal manager said the contractor had some concerns about the project. Dellefemine told Channel 11 she also had concerns and requested Penn Hills officials to give her a plan.

    At one point, she said she even got a citation from code enforcement about the sinkhole.


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