• Pa. man accused of prostituting teen who ran away from New York home


    McDONALD BOROUGH, Pa. - The FBI and Attorney Generals Office investigating a trafficking case out of Mcdonald Borough.

    Investigators say 25-year-old St. Patrick Levy met a teen on Facebook and she ran away from her New York home to live with him in Mcdonald.

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    Police say Levy became her pimp, prostituting her out and using the money to pay his bills.

    The investigation began on Dec. 5, when McDonald police got a call from an officer in Glenn Falls, New York looking into the case of a missing 17-year-old and working with the FBI.

    The girl's phone was pinged at a pizza shop in McDonald, and investigators found out she was living in an apartment right next door.

    The teen described Levy as her boufrind and said that's why she chose McDonald when she ran away.

    But police say when she arrived he began pimping her out and even confessed that he knew she was underage.

    Levy allegedly admitted to posting explicit pictures of the teen on a prostitution website and listed her age as 19. He said he used the money she earned to pay his bills.




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