• McDonald's workers being credited after arrest of man accused of driving drunk with child in car


    GREENSBURG, Pa. - A Greensburg man is in trouble with police who say he was driving drunk with his 5-year-old son in the back seat. 

    Police said it was the workers at a McDonald's in South Greensburg that stepped in, and called police when Christian Allen pulled up to the drive-thru last month.

    One of the workers told Channel 11 Allen's response was delayed, and he was slurring his words when he ordered a Happy Meal.

    She said she knew something was wrong, so she told her manager. 

    When police from surrounding departments showed up, they said Allen was parked, had the keys in the ignition and the door hanging open, according to the criminal complaint.


    The officer said, "While talking to Allen, he could not keep his balance, repeatedly starting to fall over, having to hold onto the car to keep himself standing." 

    Allen allegedly told police he had been working so much he hadn't gotten much sleep.

    But after a breathalyzer test, police said his story changed. 

    Police said, “Allen did admit to drinking alcohol before he picked up his 5-year-old son. Allen said he was on his way home when his son asked for McDonald's, which he pulled into the drive-thru." 

    Police say his blood alcohol was nearly three times the legal limit. 

    The child's grandfather picked him up and took him home.



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