• McKees Rocks apartment building damaged by fire condemned


    MCKEES ROCKS, Pa. - The McKees Rocks building inspector just condemned an apartment building after it caught fire Sunday night.  

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    Flames broke out at the Wayne Avenue apartment building around 10 p.m. and quickly spread to a 3-alarm fire.  

    Fire trucks lined the streets as crews got the flames under control. 

    “It was an adrenaline rush. I was freaked out a little bit, because if I would've slept through, I would be dead,” fire victim John McNally said.

    Terrifying moments for tenant John McNally who was allowed back into his second floor apartment to retrieve his clothes, cell phone and other personal items.


    McNally said he ran out of his apartment with his dog Sunday night when neighbors pounded on the door, alerting him of the fire and telling him to get out.

    Displaced tenants returned Monday morning to grab whatever they could. 

    From the front of the building you wouldn't know there was a fire.  From the back of the building the damage is obvious.

    The code enforcement officer said the building had to be condemned. 

    “We investigated the entire rear of the building where the fire was.  Deemed it unsafe and the structural integrity is compromised.  Over 50 percent of the building.  It's unsafe for anybody to be in it at this time.  We're condemning it  not allowing anyone to be inside,” code enforcement officer Tom McCallister said. 

    The cause of the fire has not been determined. 

    No injuries were reported but the Red Cross is helping six families with temporary housing, food and clothing.   


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