• Medic suspended after allegedly putting camera in women's bathroom


    CRANBERRY, Pa. - A 12-year veteran of Cranberry EMS has been charged after allegedly hiding a camera in a women's bathroom.

    Channel 11 has learned that charges were filed against Matt Leonard Tuesday, and he has been suspended without pay.

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    Police began investigating on Jan. 24, after a woman found a cellphone partially concealed on the floor behind a trash can in the women's bathroom of the EMS building. According to a criminal complaint, the camera was installed on Jan. 19.

    WPXI's Amy Marcinkiewicz has more on what Leonard told investigators and has a response from EMS officials for Channel 11 News beginning at 6 p.m. 

    When police confronted Leonard, he allegedly confessed to placing the phone in the bathroom and using a file transfer service to send the videos to his computer. He also admitted to committing the same crime in the past, according to the criminal complaint.

    “This phone was partially concealed on the floor behind a trash can in the bathroom with the camera of the device extended past the trash can, pointed at the toilet” 

    In the charging paperwork, police said four unidentified women were seen on camera in the bathroom.

    Leonard is charged with invasion of privacy by viewing or photographing a person without consent and invasion of privacy by transferring images by telephone, email or the internet among other related charges.

    “Several of the other recordings clearly showed Leonard in the bathroom, making attempts to conceal the device in various manners”


    Leonard turned himself in to authorities on Tuesday night.

    Not only were women recorded using the bathroom, the audio was also recorded, including conversations.

    He told police he would watch the videos and claimed he deleted them afterward.

    It's unclear how many women were recorded. The department released this statement:


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