Medical marijuana dispensary approved for Westmoreland Co.

Marijuana dispensary approved for Westmoreland Co.

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Medical marijuana could revitalize the city of Greensburg.

Monday night, the Greensburg City Council gave the go-ahead for the only dispensary in Westmoreland County.

In about six months, the medical marijuana dispensary will be in the downtown area of Greensburg.

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City officials say it will have tremendous benefits, but it's not sitting well with everyone with some fearing how it will be regulated.


"It's good for the future of Greensburg, it's good for the job market,” said Rob Bell, mayor of Greensburg.

"There will always be people that abuse it as well,” Greensburg resident Debbie Rua said.

"It's a positive thing to have this come in there,” said Barb Ciampinin, planning director for the city of Greensburg.

In a unanimous decision, Greensburg's City Council cleared what's being called the final hurdle for Keystone Integrated Care's medical marijuana dispensary: approving the site and land development plan.

"We're excited to get a building permit and start digging,” said Ryan Croyle, a designer for Desmone Architects.

The nearly 4,000 square foot facility will be located across the street from the Rite Aid on East Pittsburgh.

“I think there's a need for it. It's just the abuse of it that would become a problem," Rua said.

And Tracy Ioppolo  is cautiously optimistic too. "If it brings jobs and it's regulated properly."

Crews plan to demolish two houses to make way for the space. It should open in March of 2018.

City officials say that it's the right move and to have no fear.

“I don't know how you can turn it down when you can help people that are in tremendous needs of this type of medical marijuana,” Bell said.

Construction will likely start in October. Demolition could start as soon as possible.

The facility should create around 10 jobs.