• Missing 84-year-old woman with dementia found safe


    JEANNETTE, Pa. - A family's relieved after hours of agony this morning not knowing where their beloved mother was.

    Opal Nave, 84, has dementia and wandered away from her Jeannette home wearing only a nightgown.

    "We've been all over the place looking for. Everywhere we can think of, places where she lived, where she worked, schools everywhere,” Livengood said.


    Search and rescue crews canvassed just about every block in Jeannette, put up drones to search by air and had bloodhounds tracing scents.

    Hours later, Nave was found inside a neighbor's house.

    "I woke up because I heard heavy coughing, and I went to her room asking if she was OK,” said Nick Lenz, who found Nave. "And then my mom said hello and they come down and find her sitting on the steps." 

    Nave was taken into an ambulance by medics to be checked out.

    "Just from the relief, knowing that she was safe and dry,” Livengood said.



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