• Babysitter charged after 2-year-old boy found alone in local park


    TARENTUM, Pa. - A babysitter will be charged after a 2-year-old boy was found alone in Tarentum Park.

    The little boy wasn't hurt after police said he was left alone for more than an hour.

    His babysitter, Karen Jones, 56, is charged with child endangerment.

    Jones lives in Pittsburgh, but the child lives on Second Avenue in Tarentum with his family.


    Police told Channel 11 they were called to the same address just a few weeks ago because the 2-year-old had been wandering the street.

    They say Children, Youth and Families Office is involved in that case and this latest case at the park.

    The Tarentum police chief told Channel 11 Jones told officers she ran home to get the child dry clothes, but when officers found him at the park, his clothes were not wet.

    The parents have not been charged.


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