Modernized parking plan on the docket for the South Side, but will it help?

PITTSBURGH — Parking is never easy on the South Side. Soon, there could be changes to the parking code.

A proposal is being considered to amend Pittsburgh’s parking code that would streamline and modernize it. It was prompted in part by resident complaints.

Under the legislation, residential parking permits, visitor permits and nonresident permits would be assigned virtually and tracked digitally by license plate.

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Visitors would be allowed to park in a residential permit parking area, like a resident — but for only three days at a time, up to 12 days per month. The new nonresident permit would be for people such as babysitters and contractors.

The proposal would also create “hybrid residential” parking permit areas, which means vehicles without a permit would have to pay a parking meter to use the space for a limited time.

Even with the proposed changes, people who live here say there just isn’t enough parking. We asked a resident if having a permit helps.

“No, because I have one and it’s still really hard. I don’t know if there’s too many people with permits or people just parking, not really caring, it’s difficult,” explained Skylar Davis. “It’s so hard for anyone to find parking, especially at night when Carson Street gets pretty busy, it’s hard. If I get home at 8 o’clock, I look for a spot for an hour.”

The proposal is not a done deal.  All code changes require a public hearing.