Mom charged with leaving kids alone, toddler wandering outside

Mom charged with leaving kids alone, toddler wandering outside

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh mom is behind bars after police say she left her three young children home alone and one of them wandered outside.

Police arrested Jaeling Williams after a couple found a toddler standing outside his home on Maytide Street.  Investigators say he was wearing a shirt but wasn't wearing a diaper or pants.


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When officers went inside the home, they found 1 1/2-year-old twins sitting on a bed.

Police described the home as having “deplorable conditions.” They said the furniture was torn apart, while soiled diapers along with food and loose change littered the living room and kitchen areas.

Neighbors told Channel 11 they're shocked about what happened.

"I can’t believe this has gone on. I have a 12-year-old. I can’t imagine being so negligent. These are new residents and I’m just shocked that this happened," neighbor John McBride said.

Police said Williams eventually showed up at the home and told investigators she was buying formula for the twins.

Williams is charged with endangering her three children, who are now staying with other family.