• Moms, do you feel like you do it all? It could be stressing out your family if you do


    Dads are pitching in now more than ever before, but a new study shows it’s still moms who are shouldering the burden.

    Psychology professor Dr. Lucia Ciciolla is one of the authors of a nationwide study looking at the burden of moms -- what's called “invisible labor.”

    While dads are sharing more housework like laundry and dishes when asked, Ciciolla found women are still the ones making sure there's dish soap and the laundry is in the basket.

    That “invisible labor” could be taking a toll on your family.

    “The third shift is sort of what they call it,” Ciciolla said. “Our results suggest that life satisfaction and marital satisfaction are hurt by this unequal distribution of labor.”

    Experts suggest women communicate with their spouses, adjust expectations and make sure to take time for themselves.



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