• Money for paving Pittsburgh roads falls short of amount previously announced


    PITTSBURGH - PennDOT is blaming temperature swings for a surge in potholes this year.

    Nearly 6,000 pothole reports have been made.

    Ninety percent of those were addressed through February.

    Crews used 9,600 tons of asphalt to repair potholes.


    That's the same weight as 627 PennDOT dump trucks.

    Meanwhile, the city of Pittsburgh is trying to find money to pay for potholes.

    City Council took a major step Tuesday to a long-term solution for up to 3 miles of city roads.

    It approved more than $720,000 in new money to be spent on paving projects this spring and summer.

    The money came from several different areas, including $55,000 from the fire equipment budget, $58,000 from swift water rescue and $138,000 initially set aside to replace public works radios.

    The money being moved was largely unused, according to city councilman Corey O'Connor.

    "It's really chipping away at our budget finding $5,000 here, $30,000 here, $60,000 here just so you can piece together some more money for paving," he said. "We all know we've had a terrible winter season and potholes are everywhere."

    The city estimates it will be able to pave an additional 3 miles of road with the money.



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