More than $100,000 stolen after mortgage payment is intercepted

More than $100,000 stolen after mortgage payment is intercepted

PITTSBURGH — A woman from another part of the state stole more than $100,000 from a Pittsburgh-area homebuyer, police said.

Investigators said the wire fraud scam focused on a mortgage payment for the home that was intercepted.

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The suspect is Kathy Walley and police said the Harrisburg woman's online romance with a man she met on Facebook landed her in a Pittsburgh jail. According to investigators, a huge amount of money Walley moved came from a couple in Pine Township who were trying to buy their retirement home. The couple wired cash to a settlement company approved by their mortgage lender and that's when Walley somehow intercepted the money.

"The victims notified us, said they went through the proper process that they were told to do and they still became a victim," Northern Regional Detective Scott Rick said.

Rick said police believe there are absolutely more victims in the Pittsburgh area.