Mother can't stop mold from growing in apartment, hurting son

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — A Wilkinsburg woman says she can’t stop mold from spreading in her apartment, and now it’s hurting her son.

“There's mold growing under my bed,” Rashida Jackson said. “He's losing weight and he is supposed to gain weight and he is only two years old.

“It's green. It looks nasty. I got it all around the windows. I keep bleaching maybe twice out of the week.”


No matter what cleaning product it is, Jackson says it's not enough to get rid of the mold, and she's concerned about her children's health.

“I have kids that run around,” she said. “I'm scared they might put something in their mouth, because they’re kids, you know?”

Jackson says she's had the problems with mold since last summer.

Channel 11 learned the Matrix Property Management Company owns the property, and they told us two other units also had mold until crews recently cleared them out.

The owner sent a statement to Channel 11 about the mold in Jackson's apartment that reads, in part, "We have tried to correct the mold problem that Ms. Jackson has been experiencing and in fact have scraped and painted her wall with mold killer and mold inhibitor, likewise we have primed and painted the walls where she has been experiencing the problem."

The owner said he is trying to figure out what is causing the mold to come back. Jackson says she just wants to move into a new unit.

“I just want to move. Like, basically, see something better,” she said. “Me and my kids … I just need to move, like, that's it.”

Channel 11 took that request to the property owner, who said his company will show Jackson the next vacant two-bedroom that becomes available. He also said he will accommodate Jackson in way he can if she decides to leave and find a new apartment elsewhere.

The Allegheny County Health Department says an inspection found the mold issue resolved, but found other violations.

There will be a follow-up inspection to make sure the violations are corrected.