Mother charged with child endangering after toddler found wandering alone in street

A mother has been charged after her little boy was found wandering alone in Glassport Saturday evening.

Larraine Slate is charged with child endangering, a felony.

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A family found the boy on Euclid Avenue around 5:30 p.m. and took him to police.

Darla Grayson, who has five grandchildren of her own, took the boy in and cleaned him up.


"He was soaking wet, diaper clear to his knees, filthy. I changed his diaper, wiped him up the best I could," Grayson said.

She then brought the little boy to the police station. Meanwhile, the boy's photo had been plastered all across social media in attempt to find his parents.

"You would imagine a parent would be trying to find their child," Grayson said.

But no calls came in for more than two hours.

Shortly after 8 p.m., a woman claiming to be his mom frantically arrived at the station saying she fell asleep.

Police told Channel 11 that CYS transported the child to Children's Hospital for evaluation although he had showed no signs of injury.

Slate will be in court Monday.