Mt. Lebanon School District to continue with hybrid learning model

MT. LEBANON, Pa. — Mt. Lebanon School District officials have decided to continue with hybrid learning, while keeping a close eye on the number of COVID-19 cases reported in Allegheny County.

Monday’s Mt. Lebanon school board meeting lasted for nearly four hours.

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases surging across the state, board members discussed the possibility of moving to a fully remote learning plan if Allegheny County maintains a high level of community transmission.

A number of concerned residents spoke in favor of sticking with the current hybrid model.

“The virus is not spreading in our schools. Our mitigation efforts are working and everybody needs to be commended for their hard work. To close an institution where the virus is not spreading will do nothing to improve the case rates in our community,” said one parent.

The board ultimately voted to keep the hybrid learning model in place.

However, the superintendent would be expected to shut down school campuses if the situation gets worse.

While there have been COVID-19 cases reported in several of the district’s schools, Superintendent Timothy Steinhauer pointed out contact tracing has suggested that very few cases resulted from in-school transmission.