Munhall yards are sliding into a creek and homeowners say no one will help them

MUNHALL, Pa. — People living on Ravine Street in Munhall are looking for answers when it comes to a problem plaguing them for years: a collapsing hillside that’s threatening the homes there.

“There’s been neighbors here for 50 years, it’s falling in, whenever the water rises all our basements flood,” explained 11-year homeowner, Jamie Salas.

It’s so bad that 75-year-old Gloria Wolff hasn’t been able to drive for two years because she can’t get her car out of the garage.

The deteriorating creek is filled with giant chunks of concrete, debris and litter.

“We went to a town meeting, they said id be dead and gone before they fix it, that’s what they told me,” explained Wolff.

The Munhall Borough manager said that it is not their responsibility to keep up with it. That it solely lies with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The DEP told Channel 11 a different story. They said they visited the creek in 2019 and plan on visiting again, but they sent a letter to the manager saying that it is the homeowner’s responsibility unless they can prove they don’t own the land that is collapsing.

The DEP also said that if they wish to repair it, they have to obtain a permit first. This has become extremely frustrating for homeowners who say the creek has turned into a dumping ground for other people.