NAACP launches ‘Wake Up Black Vote’ campaign in Pa.

NAACP launches ‘Wake Up Black Vote’ campaign in Pa.

The NAACP launched a campaign throughout the state of Pennsylvania Friday called Wake Up Black Vote.

The goal is to make sure the voice of the African American community is heard at the polls in November.

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The statewide campaign will encourage voter registration, education and participation in the general election this fall.

Kicking it off on Juneteenth served as a symbolic launch paid: the Pennsylvania NAACP chose the historic day to launch to signify the importance of the battle for freedom and gaining the right to vote.

“The significance of Juneteenth is that slavery which was supposed to have ended with President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st 1863, ended up not being offically ended until June 19, 1865,” said Kenneth Hustin, president of the Pennsylvania NAACP.

In a virtual news conference with community leaders, Justin said understanding that context shows why it’s so important for those in the African American community to exercise their right to vote.

“People fought for the right to vote. Do not sit by and allow the opportunity to pass you by,” Hustin said.

The campaign has three key components:

  • Providing accurate information to maximize mail-in ballot participation
  • Making sure seniors are not disenfranchised
  • Improving their technology game

They just launched a new website to provide one-stop shipping for voters to get more involved where you can request a mail-in ballot, register to vote and get news about the upcoming election.

“We need this organization and concerted effort to make sure those officials elected are developing and implementing policy that not only helps our community survive, but actually thrive,” said Nicole McGruder, state political action chair for the NAACP. “The black community is not a monolith. We are a body of diverse trusted messengers in our respective communities. We must respect that fact and level our difference to our advantage.”

NAACP leaders stressed this is a non-partisan effort, but one to make sure African American voices are heard at the polls.

Wake Up Black Vote also plans to launch a new app for voters, which is expected to come out late next week.

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